Geospatial Service

J&T Enterprises is well positioned in terms of industry experience to provide services and solutions for implementing GIS System and GIS data conversion. We have proficiency in GIS consultancy, Database Design, Software development, Data Migration, Data Conversion, Data Updating and customization. J&T have mix blend of GIS expertise be it GIS cartographer or Open Source GIS Developers. This mix blend of professionals helps J&T to deliver best in industry. J&T have project management team to help and administrate project online with client which enables client to control the project even not being present at field.

GIS Platform Expertise –

  • Auto Desk 
  • Bentley
  • Mapinfo
  • Mapguide
  • GE – SmallWorld
  • ESRI

Project Expertise –

  • Tax Parcel Mapping
  • Utility Mapping
  • Land Base Mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Contour Mapping
  • Flood Mapping
  • Image Geo-referencing
  • Ordance Survey Mapping
  •  Planning Application Capture
  • BLPUS Polygon Capture
  • Street Capture
  • Highways Capture
  • Geo coding of elements
  • Navigation Mapping

Clients –

  • Incas – London UK
  • STPL – India

Clients –

  • Incas – London UK
  • STPL – India

Business GIS

J&T Enterprises has customized solutions for every industry (Like FMCG, Retail, Real estate, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals or any other sector). We have built superior webbased solutions to empower the Business leaders/housed to take strategic planning decisions. Enable FMCG/retail business to target quick sales analysis of their products. Targeting new business sectors or achieving higher results in old markets with infrastructure analysis.

The application would help in –

  • Market Analysis
  • Future Expansion
  • Client Base Information
  • Integration of existing client data for analysis
  • Report Generation

It has been proved that analytical data when understood along with the maps improves planning process. Great information attracts great fees, but not always. J&T Enterprises offers subscription based service without procuring GIS Data to make the solution more cost effective.

Clients –

  • San Diego Watershed Management (San Diego – USA)
  • Marico Industries (India – Pilot)

Data Conversion

Over a period of decade we have gained experience in variety of data conversion project which requires converting large quantity of the data from the variety of the sources such as scanned paper maps, Digital Ortho-photograph, Satellite Images, PDF documents. This include to the scale digitization of the drawing for mechanical drawings. As it is build drawings for civil or architectural drawings.

For Example – 

  • Parcel Map conversion using sources like scanned paper maps, Ortho-photograph, PDF Document, Survey map etc..
  • Land Base data conversion – Using sources like satellite Imagery, scanned paper maps. 
  • Plan metric Capture – Using source like Digital Ortho-photograph
Clients –
  • KEC International – UAE
  • Maharashtra Electricity Transmission Company Limited
  • Central Railways

Data Migration

Rapid technology changes have compelled the organization to migrate their existing data to the newer version of data model or software. Data migration projects include source data in AutoCAD, MicroStation. ESRI, MapINFO etc. format. We have helped our clients to generate a migration data model. Based on the migration data model and the required functionality of the new system, we modify our existing customized tools/software and processes to migrate the data.

Client – 

  • ExQte – Netherland

Software Development

J&T Enterprises has proven experience in providing end to end software –application development from desktop to secured web based system for enterprises; we –have developed software using industry known technologies such as AutoDesk, (AutoLisp, DCL, MapBasic, VBA, VB.NET and Object ARX), ESRI, MaoInfo, Mapserver, Mapguide, Open Layers, etc. for –

  • Location based services (LBS)
  • Land management system (LMS)
  • Property management system (PMS
  • Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)
  • Be spoke software development

Clients –

  • Laiki Systems – Tanzania
  • NCRC Insurance – London UK
  • STPL – India
  • STPL – Nigeria
  • Incas – London UK
  • Maharashtra Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd – Vashi
Language Proficiencies –
  • Visual Basic 6.0 
  • VB.NET
  • C#
  • Java

Databases –

  • MySQL
  • Ms-SQL
  • PostGRE
  • PostGIS
  • Oracle 10g

ERP Development & Implementation

J&T Enterprises provides customized and effective ERP solution which is instrumental in improving the business processes and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Advantages – 

  • Flexible and Custom Architecture
  • Easily customized for individual business requirements
  • Easily modified to adapt to changing business environment and needs
  • Local language support for easy understanding and operational
  • Simple, Easy to use interface for efficient working
  • Integration of every Business processes into single system enabling higher productivity and work quality
Process –
  • System Study
  • GAP Analysis
  • Database Design
  • GUI Development
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Training

Clients – 

  • Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd – Kalayan
  • Mehta Electricals – Mumbai
  • KJ Infrastructures – Pune

Engineering & Conversion Services

J&T Enterprises has fully trained and experienced staff in the variety of engineering services. Our engineering tea seamlessly works with clients throughout the project life cycle. The robust and fully equipped infrastructure and the work planning methodology ensure and effective global delivery model when it comes to outsourcing engineering services to us. J&T Enterprises technology provides cost effective and high quality services in the field of civil engineering, land development, mechanical engineering, 3D modeling.

Domain Expertise – 

  • Concept Plan Development
  • Road Profile and Designing
  • Utility Designing
  • 3D Modeling using Google Sketch-up
  • Slope Analysis
  • Steel Detailing
  • Structural Designing
  • Parametric Application Development
  • Design Environment Development


J&T have been involved in field survey for customer indexing. Door-to-door customer indexing and point based GPS coordinates collection. J&T have a strong survey team working in and around Maharashtra. The proven data exchange process and field QA helps J&T to deliver best quality and error less data in timely manner.

  • Hand held GPS survey (Garmin Instrument)
  • Customer indexing Sheets
  • Mapping Survey
  • Data collection
  • Technology Support

J&T is been awarded photo meter reading for the work carried out for Maharashtra Electricity Distribution Company Ltd for 5 sub divisions ranging approx 1,30,000 consumers in a quarter.

Clients –

  • MSEDCL – Pune, Rajguru Nagar, Phaltan
  • Central Railway – Baramati – Nira

Custom Tool Development

“Tailor made is always better than ready made.” Developing tool to process set of commands or processing user data in Automated/ Semi automated format is a niche requirement.
Quick turn-around time demands short utilities to be developed to meet project deadlines. These quick tools make wonders for tedious database projects.

  • Web Based Development
  • Customized Development
  • Application Customization
  • Project Environment Development
  • Technology Support

Technical Man Power Strength

  • Our Team comprises of the professionally trained people in the trade ranging from
  • Environmental and Urban Planner
  • Engineers
  • Cartographers
  • GIS Technicians

Job Experience –

Our staff has decade over experience in extensively working for major US/UK and domestic clients.
Key Strengths –
  • Land base data mapping using IKONOS 1-meter resolution satellite
  • Land use Mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Contour Mapping
  • Village Mapping using Census maps and data
  • GIS application development
  • 3D Modeling using Google Sketch-up
  • Utility mapping
  • Mechanical/ Civil Designing
  • Structural Designing
 Hardware – 
  • Intel Core2Duo workstations
  • Intel Core2Duo Server
  • Hewlett Packard F380
  • Hewlett Packard A0 Plotter
  • A0 Color Scanner

Data Connectivity –

We are well connected via 2Mbps Broadband connection and FTP server


Client List 

  • KEC Internationa – UAE
  • Laiki Systems – Dur-es
  • Salam Tanzania
  • Software Technology
  • Park Limited –
  • Nigeria/India
  • ExQte – Netherland
  • International Security and Conflict Management (InCas) – London, UK
  • Maharashtra Electricity Transmission Co Ltd – Vashi/Kalayan
  • Maharashtra Electricity Distribution Co Ltd – Pune/RajguruNagar/Phaltan KJ Infrastructure Ltd – Pune
  • Central Railway – Baramati
  • Innovative Cad Consultant – Pune
  • And More …

Strategic Alliance

  • CAD/CAE Services – F1 Systems, Pune
  • S/w Testing Services – Evologic Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.
  • DGPS Services – RSA – Infotech India Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  • Piping Services – Dynolog India Ltd – Mumbai
  • E-Governance- Grafix Infotech India Pvt Ltd – Pune